Methods for surveying fisheries resources are consistently advancing in order to provide the data needed for improving our understanding of aquatic ecosystems and for incorporation into stock assessments and fisheries management. These surveying advances have included the development and application of baited remote underwater videos (BRUV’s) as a non-extractive, minimally invasive approach for surveying fisheries resources in marine and freshwater habitats. BRUV’s have been utilized for decades, but their use has become more widespread due to advances in video technology, software, and analytical approaches. This symposium will feature projects that have included innovative advances in the application of BRUV’s for surveying fisheries resources. Bringing together experienced researchers, as well as researchers considering future use of BRUV’s, will contribute to further advancement in BRUV deployment strategies, survey design, data analysis, and standardization to facilitate data sharing, regional analyses, and wider adoption among the scientific community.


  • Douglas Zemeckis, Rutgers University, [email protected]
  • Jason Morson, Rutgers University
  • Chris Rillahan, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  • Brian Gervelis, Inspire Environmental