The AFS Fish Culture Section and Michigan DNR are co-hosting a one-day coolwater fish culture workshop in an “Innovative Session” format.  This workshop signals a return to the pre-pandemic biennial coolwater workshops that were hosted by states in the Great Lakes region.  Agency representatives are invited to provide overviews of their production programs for Walleye, Northern Pike, Muskellunge, and other cultured coolwater species.  Rather than the typical 15-minute, data heavy presentations common to conference symposia, the format of this Innovative Session will be less formal and more conversational between the presenters and the audience.  This format presents an excellent opportunity for speakers, including hatchery staff at all levels, to share successful rearing strategies they are using or to seek assistance with problems or difficult rearing issues they are encountering.

Supported by:

  • Fish Culture Section
  • Michigan Department of Natural Resources – Fisheries