Anglers play an important role in providing scientists and managers with valuable data about the state of our fisheries. As new forms of electronic reporting come online, providing high resolution data that could barely have been imagined just a few decades ago, anglers are becoming ever more important to fisheries research. This symposium will build off the success of similar symposia in 2021 and 2022, highlighting a diversity of projects that have been successful at engaging anglers, including revisiting presentations from the initial symposium where further work with anglers has taken place. An important outcome of this symposium will be a better understanding of the best practices that are necessary to achieve long-term angler engagement. Consistent with our theme of engaging anglers, we are also proposing to involve anglers in this symposium, both with research presentations and through an online engagement via Facebook Live.

Supported by:

  • Angler’s Atlas and MyCatch
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council
  • Virginia Institute of Marine Science


  • Sean Simmons, Angler’s Atlas, [email protected]
  • Julia Byrd, South Atlantic Fishery Management Council
  • Susanna Musick, VA Institute of Marine Science
  • Clayton James, Fisheries and Oceans Canada