Beavers play a complex role in the dynamics of low-gradient streams of the Upper Midwest, especially where dams alter important habitat for trout. Beaver control to maintain free-flowing conditions in select coldwater streams has been a core part of Brook Trout and Brown Trout management in many Upper Midwest streams. However, this management practice may often be misunderstood, with deeply divided opinions among both the public and managers. Studies on the influence of beaver dams on Midwestern trout streams have been limited, prompting many unanswered questions concerning the science behind control programs. But a renewed interest in beaver management among a diverse constituency has spurred new research. Here we propose to gather the latest insights from research and management addressing common beaver and trout concerns across low-gradient streams of the Upper Midwest and to challenge the perspectives coming from research on higher-gradient streams elsewhere in North America.

Supported by:

  • Wisconsin DNR-Office of Applied Science
  • USFWS-Green Bay Fish & Wildlife Conservation Office


  • Matthew Mitro, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, [email protected]
  • Emma Lundberg, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Green Bay Conservation Office